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About us


Founded in the early 80s with more than 30 years of experience, Swashes is the first to:

1.Introduce non-alcoholic surgical disinfectant in China

2.Produce disinfectant wet wipes in Hong Kong

3.Produce disinfectant liquid detergent in Hong Kong

4.Produce Eco-friendly hand sanitizer in Hong Kong


Quality First

“Quality first” has always been Swashes’ motto starting from product design and processing, all the way to customer service. For three decades, our mission is to provide high-quality and scientifically formulated products for our customers to use with convenience and comfort.

Disinfection Specialist

Our surgical disinfectant is currently the number 1 choice of disinfection products in major hospitals around the country. We have earned the reputation of disinfection specialist in the industry.

Household products with medical-grade

  • Products are produced and packaged in a clean room with automated material handling
  • All procedures strictly follow the GMP international standards
  • Production procedures and quality control are certified as ISO9001 international standards

Reasonable price

  • We focus on product improvement instead of investing money in advertising.
  • Currently 90% of our loyal customers come from word of mouth.